4 Killer Strategies to Buy a Website and Flip It to Make Money Online

Buying and flipping of websites can be a cool and appealing business if you understand the tricks and strategies involved. Just like the real estate, stock market or any other business, the capital involved in starting is quite much, particularly for a young entrepreneur. In fact, you may end up losing the whole sum if you go wrong. As a result, be sure of ability and skills before investing your hard-earned money in any business.

Website flipping has become the best way to make money online in this new dispensation, and quite a lot of professional online marketers are using this business to make a huge amount of money regularly. However, there are some things you must understand before you can start buying and selling websites to make amazing income online.

Creating a well-established website and selling it for a huge sum of money is the basic idea of website flipping. Despite the fact that website flipping is not for everyone once you become a professional in buying and selling websites, you will be earning huge money.

Flipping involves strategy and it is more than dry transactions. Here are 4 strategies you can use to buy and flip your websites to make money.

Strategy 1 – Flipping Your Own Website

Working with the resources you have is the best strategy for you if you are beginning without much money. In the real estate world, this could mean using the house you are already living inside instead of buying one. The equivalent in website flipping business will be creating or modifying your own website as against buying one. To make the site more attractive to buyers, do the necessary renovations by moving the website to WordPress, using effective keywords and cleaning up the backlinks.

Strategy 2 – Buying other People’s Website to Flip

There is no controversy about how viable it is to flip your own website. Still might decide to buy other people’s websites, improve them and flip. This strategy could save you from having to build a website from the scratch. However, one of the shortcomings of this strategy is that some of the available websites may cost you far more than their market price. Also, the website may not be profitable, particularly if it is a blog.

How to Add Value to Your Webite

However, you can add value to the website to make it appealing and profitable. You can decide to change the SEO operations and include social media marketing strategies or other useful things that will increase traffic or helps in generating additional revenue. Using any or both of these things in the right way will guarantee you amazing profit margin by the time you eventually flip the website.
Make sure you work on both revenue and traffic instead of focusing on just one thing. This is one important area you must consider if you want to sell the website and make a huge profit. Bear in mind that the more the revenue and traffic, the more will be the profit you will earn.

What All Likely Buyers Are Look for

1. Rich and unique content
2. Professional look
3. Good Ranking
4. Reasonable revenue
5. Unique visitors
6. Quality backlinks
7. Excellent Google PR

Strategy 3 – Flipping Through Brokers

There are professional website brokers available to help you flip your website. Using this strategy to flip your website will save you the hassles of looking here and there. They know all about selling a website for profit just as homeowners always turn to a realtor when they want to sell their property. A broker is a sure bet if you want to spend a little time on the selling process.

Strategy 4 – Flipping By yourself

This is putting up your website for sale by owner. Flipping your website independently eliminates any third-party from the flipping process, meaning that you will pocket ALL of the money realized from the sale. After all, you would have done ALL the work involved in selling your website.

But this strategy can work great if you are an expert in website flipping. That doesn’t mean you cannot still use the strategy as someone just getting into the game, but you will a steeper learning curve.

Here are Top 10 Places to Buy and Flip Websites

1. eBay.com
2. Webuywebsite.org
3. Flippa.com
4. Buysellwebsite.com
5. Freemarket.com
6. Websitebroker.com
7. Feinternational.com
8. Empireflippers.com
9. Digitalpoint.com
10. Namepros.com

Final Thoughts

The flipping of websites is one of the cool and legitimate ways to make money online, particularly when the real estate and the stock market industry have been populated by flippers and traders that buy and sell fast to make a quick profit. The best strategies to make amazing income from website flipping business is to flip independently, flip through a broker, flip your website or buy others website and flip.



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