How to Generate Legitimate Income from your Website with Google AdSense

Do you want to work from home on a part-time basis and earn regular income? Are you a publisher looking for ways to monetize your website content?

Look no further: Google Adsense is a good answer.

It is a free service designed by Google for publishers who want to make money online. A publisher is described as somebody who has a website, blog, YouTube channel or other online properties. Google AdSense is adjudged one of the popular ways to monetize content and a starting point for people who want to make a legitimate income online from the comfort of their home.

Getting Started with AdSense

This is easy but you need a YouTube or blog to get approval for a Google AdSense account. All you need to do is create ads and place the Adsense code on your blog, or website using free plugins, once you have an account. AdSense will display relevant ads automatically based on the content of your blog.

How it Works

You will earn money whenever a reader clicks on those ads. Then, you should focus on driving more traffic to your blog or website. The more traffic you drive to your blog, the more income you will earn, as potentially you have more people clicking on the advertisement.

A Note of Warning

Do not ask your family and friends to click on your ads and don’t click on your own ads either. Google AdSense is a free to join quality ad network that has maintained a high standard with strong policy for banning users that are not playing fair. Any such activities, where you are asking people to click on ads or using illegitimate ways to get more clicks might be detected, and result you in a disabled AdSense account. A disabled account will be difficult to re-activate. Hence, be warned!

Creating Your Blog or Website to Get AdSense Account

You must have a blog, website or any other property allowed by Google before you can apply for an AdSense account. You can create a free blog or invest a little money in buying a website, depending on your level of understanding on internet businesses. However, starting with a free blog is the best way to get started if you have never worked online and your first time of trying to earn on the Internet.

Few important things to remember

Domain name: This is the unique name you want for your blog or website. The name must be relevant to your niche, short and easy to remember, easy to pronounce and type.

Niche: This is the area you want to write about, such as: health, fashion, technology, finance, relationship and more. Make sure the niche is popular in order to generate more traffic. Once you have identified your niche, write content and start posting articles on your blog site.

Create a WordPress Blog

Regardless if you are experienced blogger or just someone adventuring in the digital world, this is your best option. WordPress is the most respected blogging platform of all time with over 22 percent of websites across the globe powered by WordPress.

Types of Websites that are Good for AdSense

It is noteworthy to note that not all blogs or websites are best the fit for Google Adsense. But AdSense is usually the best option on the sites that lack  other monetization options. These could include:

  • Photo galleries
  • Viral websites
  • How-to sites
  • Listing/Directories
  • General information
  • Celebrity
  • News sites
  • Lifestyle blogs

Applying for Google AdSense

Once you have put all types of machinery in place (wrote some articles in your blog), it is time to apply for Google Adsense or complete the AdSense application and wait for approval. Usually, it takes up to a week (7 days) to get an approved account.

Google AdSense

Don’t be worried or upset if your application is rejected but try to find out what is missing on your blog. Google need knowledgeable and professional publishers and it is quite difficult for you to get things right as a first-timer.

How much can I earn with AdSense?

Designing a site of interest, optimizing the website with high paying keywords and placing the ads at the right places to maximize clicks, are a few critical issues that would eventually determine how much income you can make in AdSense.

It is easy to find people on internet claiming to have earned thousands of dollars with AdSense, and they are usually not lying. However, the main important thing to keep in mind, is they were able to earn substantial money mostly because they had substantial web traffic on their sites.


Traffic generation is the key to making amazing income from Google Adsense. This is because the more traffic you drive to your blog the more income you will earn. Nevertheless, you must also pay attention to keywords, publish content that people want and like, buy traffic to kick-start the process, be clear about your traffic strategy to make more money.

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