10 Side job ideas to make money fast

Some time we need to make money fast. Maybe it is a bill, food or housing. And unfortunately, even if you work, the salary might have gone by now. Unfortunately that’s normal life for most people in the planet. We all end up having some financial trouble during life (apart from 0.1% or less of the world population).

Therefore I’ve decided to list here some side jobs ideas to make money fast, because you get paid very soon, if not immediately, after working.

If you haven’t built your online business or invested in other assets, you probably don’t have reoccurring revenues and a side job might provide just the emergency cash needed.

Deliver parcels

Amazon Flex is probably one of the easiest schemes to join to make some quick money with parcel delivery. At the moment they are paying between $18 and $25 per hour. Payments are weekly and hours are super flexible. They give you time slots that you can choose based on your availability. If you are not in the U.S., it is worth checking out as they also have in other countries.

Private tuition

Do you know music, a second language, dance or other activities that people are interested to learn? It doesn’t take much effort to start your own private tuition business. In most cases you don’t need to have a graduation or special certification in the area. You need to be very comfortable with your knowledge on the subject and do some advertisement.


Deliver food

It works in the similar way as parcels, but you will need to be available mostly at meal times. Uber Eats is a good starting point.

Fix stuff around the neighbourhood

It is incredible how hard can it be to find people doing simple activities in the house. Sometimes we are busy or don’t have the skill to do something. Believe me, there are lots of small repairs that you think are easy, but many people would struggle to do. And  that can include even replacing bulbs. TaskRabbit is a site you can use to offer your services.


Most people take pride on their homes, and the garden might be an essential part of it. But not everyone has the time or the desire to be constantly trimming bushes and cutting grass. Choose a good neighbourhood, distribute some leaflets and people will start to call.

Drive people around

If you have a decent enough car, you can always join Uber or Lyft. The work is ultra-flexible, and you can become a taxi driver at any time of the day or night. If you really like the idea, you might want to check if there are any taxi companies in your area doing similar schemes. As some of them have apps and similar schemes, to keep themselves in the market. The advantage, they might better…

Clean houses

There is big money to be made on this sector, as more people are busy and prefer to pay someone else to clean their own place. It can work really well if you also have a business partner, as the job gets done quicker.


This one is quite popular, and usually starts with friends and family, but it can easily expands with referrals. In many cases, it is not even a baby. It might be just a 5 year old kid that needs someone watching, to ensure it doesn’t burn down the house. Also, it is not going to be always in the evening. It is common for parents to have “only adult” things to do during the day, like school meetings, medical appointments, romantic lunch, business meetings, etc Having someone available for a couple of hours to ensure the children are safe can be a life saver.  But, don’t do it if you don’t like children.

Watching pets, houses or plants

Many people feels much better when travelling if there is someone watching for their things when travelling. In many cases, you don’t need to sleep on the place. It all depends on what it works for you. You might even decide to be an extreme house sitter! Other day I saw this guy on TV show Extreme Cheapsteaks, living in New York all year without paying rent. Just jumping between houses… This BBC article has some other examples.

Walk dogs

It is healthy, as you get to do some exercise everyday, and it can help you to make some money. Make sure you always carry enough plastic bags and a scoop, and do not leave any piece of art laying on your’s neighbourhood pavement… 🙂


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