How to earn money with affiliate marketing

Hi Guys! We are here with another post to make money online. I hope you will be pleased to know about the fully proven way to make money easily through online. How many of you heard about the affiliate marketing? I guess everyone.

What if I ask, how many of you knows about making money with affiliate marketing? Are you curious to know about making money with affiliate marketing? Let’s get to know more in detail throughout this article.

First of all, you need to know what is affiliate marketing and how does it work? To understand the reach and growth of affiliate marketing in the economy it is important to know few facts first; in the year 2015, affiliate marketing contributed almost 15% to total sales that happened from all kinds of e-commerce sites. This figure is growing rapidly which has been noticed in a recent study.

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting other’s product via your own website and earning some percentage of income on sales that happened through your referral. Let us now get to know how to earn money with affiliate marketing?

Steps involved in affiliate marketing

There are several steps to follow to earn money with affiliate marketing. Let’s find how are those steps will helpful for you to earn money.

Create a website

You need a website of your own where you can promote the affiliates product or services. It is very easy to get a website or a blog. You can use popular host sites like “Wordpress” and “GoDaddy” to create blogs and website for yourself. You need to invest bare minimum money to start a website/blog of your own and earn money with affiliate marketing.

Decide your partners

It is imperative to choose the right affiliate partner for yourself. Let us say that you are a fashion blogger and you are looking to make partners with a few brands. Your very first and obvious choice should be brands that are directly or indirectly related to your niche of the blog; being a fashion blogger you cannot promote medical brands!!

Get good traffic to your page

All this exercise will go in vain if you do not attract high volume of traffic to your website. It is not that every visitor in your website will click the links placed in your website; usually the conversion rate is 1%.

One way to do it is by including good content in your website. You will add some value to your visitor’s life which will increase the credibility of your website/blog. Only when you have good traffic in your website you will be able to attract good brands to affiliate with.

Another way of increasing traffic to your website is via E-mail marketing. Take the E-mail ids of all the visitors coming to your website/blog. You can also promote your affiliate’s product via sending an exclusive mail to your mail list. This mail list is important to keep your potential customer keep reminding about your affiliate’s brand.

Affiliate marketing mechanism

How Affiliate Marketing Work

As soon as you join the affiliate marketing program you will need to zero down your product portfolio. Once you have done that, your partner will issue a unique affiliate code. You use this code to divert the traffic from your own website/blog to your partner’s site. Mostly, affiliate use one of the two methods to generate a code; banners, preset text links.

Mostly these texts and/or banners are creative copies which look attractive enough to entice customers into clicking the link. You just have to paste the code in your website and start the process. When the visitor in your website/blog clicks the link to your affiliate site they are redirected to the product page.

When this referred customer makes a purchase, you get the commission on the sales. You can use the code to keep a track on all the purchases made via your referrals. This answers the whole procedure of how to earn money with affiliate marketing.

All the above mentioned steps will guide you to earn money with affiliate marketing but you need to follow these steps properly and to be wise enough to choose the products to promote in your website and turn your website to a money making system.

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